YD-2/YD-4 Aluminum Adjustable Rear "H" Arm Kit

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This all new rear H arm has made of aluminum with our original high precision processing. Enable the driver to make a chassis adjustment for finding out the best chassis balance. Also suites for the variety of car bodies width as well.

Adjustable length for each side will be -2.0mm (without any spacers)  up to 1.5mm (using 3 spacers). Kit includes 3 spacers: 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm (2pcs of each).

Real maximum length will be from 6.0mm to 7.0mm to keep the certain level of high rigidity in use.

Off course longer universal bones will be needed to use with these arms (sold separately).

Removing-inserting spacers during the time of competition will deliver the ease on tweaking your car chassis for the serious RC drifting.