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Wild Turbo Fan & Mad Max Products is proudly introducing the Mad Max 3D fan mount. As oppose to the conventional fan mount with only small area on contact, this unique 3D design allow a much stronger hold to the motor by using a custom made carbon fiber cross piece and aluminum stopper. This fan will fit the most cars. 



·         The carbon fiber cross piece act as a tensioner to give a more secure hold to the motor.

·         One screw is needed to mount and dismount the fan after initial assembly.

·         With this ultra light design the total weight of the fan mount assembly is less than 5.8g (without fan).

·         Carbon fiber cross piece for both 30mm, 40mm and Windy fans are included in the package, allow driver to switch fan size of their choice.

·         Extra scrub screw mounting holes allow stronger hold if needed.

·         All mounting hardware is included.