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Power HD M9 1/12 Pancar (0.07s/9.0kg/7.4V) Coreless Servo

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Coming from Power HD is their M9 mid-size high-voltage servo for 1/12th scale applications. It features an all-aluminium heatsink case, coreless motor, copper and titanium gears and it is capable of up to 9kg-cm of torque and a speed of down to 0.07s. The servo measures 35×15.1×29.5mm and weighs in at 35g.


Torque (6.0V) 7.0 kg-cm (97.2 oz/in)
Torque (7.4V) 9.0 kg-cm (125.0 oz/in)
Speed (6.0V) 0.08 sec
Speed (7.4V) 0.07 sec
Operating Voltage 6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight 35.0 g (1.23 oz)
Bearing Type Ball Bearing x 2
Motor Type Coreless Motor
Gear Type Copper & Aluminum
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Working frequence 1520μs / 333hz
Size 35.0x15.1x29.5 mm ( 1.38x0.59x1.16 in)