LRP X22 Stock Spec 17.5T – 30° Fixed Timing

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With the brushless engines of the X22 Stock Spec series, LRP once again takes the lead in spec racing. The completely redesigned electric motors are uncompromisingly designed for extreme performance in stock specific windings. High quality materials, which guarantee a perfect current flow, in a housing with large cooling openings, aluminum end plate and light aluminum screws unite here to the must have drive for on- and offroad models which want to ride right up front.

The motors can be freely timed in the range of 0° – 60° to go to the limits of what is possible without a boost through the speed controller. The sensor is precisely adjusted and can be changed via a scale on the housing even without measuring instruments.

The housing is delivered with extremely light aluminium screws in the housing which do not influence the magnetic field and optimise the weight. Thus this “tuning” is considered in comparison to other motors also in the DMC homologation and legally applicable on DMC races.

The biaxial, balanced, sintered rotor shaft with longer mounting surface in the 2018 specification.

The X22 motor series is designed to meet the requirements of IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA, JMRCA, BRCA and DMC.

If the motor is to be used with one of our FlowX controllers, please use our Hall sensor level converter cable (100mm – #500902 | 200mm – #500903) to ensure smooth operation!