JConcepts Recessed Ball-Stud Washer - Set (10pcs)

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Brian “Dirt” Kinwald unleashes another of his trick personal touch items to market. The recessed washer set is designed to offer two adjustments while utilizing a single washer. The 2 and 3mm washers feature a 1mm recess; this allows a driver to simply flip orientation for desired height. The large diameter of the washer provides a steady footing against plastic and aluminum components while the milled and recessed grooves easily indicate which height is in hand.

Included in each package are four pieces of the 2 to 1mm washer and two pieces of the 3 to 2mm washer. In addition, a .5mm shim is also included for the ultimate in fine tuning adjustment and can be used alongside the recessed washers. Anodized in black, the new washers can be used as a technical tuning option or simply during a “black-out” vehicle build. If an item is trick, it must be by Dirt Racing Products.



·         Versatile, Dirt Racing design

·         Large diameter base for increased strength

·         Recessed for multiple adjustments in one

·         Milled and recessed grooves for easy identification

·         10 pieces total included per package

·         Fits for most 1/10th off-road and on-road vehicles