LRP WorksTeam Fan 40x40x10mm - 1S/2S - Receiver connector

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LRP's new 40x40x10mm ultra high RPM cooling fan with receiver connector is the best out there when it comes down to efficient cooling for your motor. With its strong and sleek frame, super powerful brushless motor and two ball bearings for extended lifespan this fan is perfect to raise effic iency of cooling the motor under extreme temperatures and highest loads.

The fan comes with specially designed balanced fan blades (exclusively with LRP Logotype), that will cut through the air with up to 15,000RPM to provide maximum air flow. This way you will be certain that the temperatures of your motor will remain as low as possible.

With supplied extension wire it can be plugged-in to any receiver, but it can also be soldered directly to the 2S battery for maximum performance.