JConcepts Aero Yokomo YZ-2 Front Wing - Wide (2pcs)

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Any vehicle's aerodynamics are important, but 10% off-road vehicles in particular. The vehicle type, body style, and front wing make up the components of a driver's aero package. JConcepts frequently tests aero characteristics, especially bodies and wings, across the whole product line. Although the idea of front wings is not new, the most recent generation of mid-motor cars and the demanding high-speed and slippery courses are new to them.

JConcepts created a brand-new, high-performance, adjustable front wing in collaboration with their professional racing squad of drivers. The Aero front wing is relatively simple to tune, use, and test without sacrificing crucial track time because it is mounted above the front shock tower on Yokomo YZ2 series vehicles.

The driver has a choice between two widths: "narrow" for a lighter feel and "wide" for a larger down force.

The Aero wing has a high-attack design with choices for trimming the rear gurney. With aspects and characteristics new for the most recent off-road situations, the radical, edgy design complements and works with the Finnisher and Silencer body designs. A special V-shaped shape has been created in the leading center section of the wing to precisely outline the front shock tower geometry. Add JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design to your aero bundle.